Chat Bridges and Security


In recent times, the four bigger messaging apps surpassed requests on the major social networks. We see a trend that websites become a landscape of linked services. Drupal is also evolving on this trend into services oriented architecture, with API first initiatives, GraphQL and oAuth2 in restful environments.

If we look at the bigger picture, then chat-apps can be seen as the new browsers, bots would be the new websites. This is the beginning of a new(er) internet.

Instant messaging is the place with the greatest risk of creating an unwelcoming environment for a new member of our community. We need to demonstrate that you can provide something an order of magnitude more welcoming than alternatives.

-Rachel Lawson in

After launching DrupalChat service in September 2017 and initiating the rocket_chat module on, we’ve come a long way in adaptation and solving our current “chat island problem”, where each local community has its own slack and IRC is presumed dead.

This is crippling us as a community to collaborate and learn from our own history.

Now the challenge is up to us to create and maintain a welcoming atmosphere in a secure and safe environment.

This talk will dive in the social and architectural aspects of maintaining a secure and safe chat environment for our (and other) community.