DevSecOps and Drupal: Securing Your Applications in a Modern IT Landscape


"DevSecOps in Drupal is about securing the whole infrastructure, including Drupal, in a modern landscape of containers, orchestration and multiple parallel builds.

With the expectation of faster, more stable and more secure software release and delivery, DevOps has become an essential part of the software lifecycle. However, much of that is based on reliance on a few specific individuals to be able to manage that software and infrastructure.

Containers and immutable infrastructure hold a great deal of promise for being able to build and scale quickly, however, it is also heavily reliant on knowing the right thing to do, and when to do it, to make sure your Drupal installations and both high performing and secure.

In this presentation, I look to go beyond basic pipelines, to being able to embed security into your workflow, continually validating and securing your software builds and infrastructure. We will also look at using the knowledge of multiple teams and tools to deliver compliance and confidence with your Drupal sites.


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