With Great Power, Comes Great Responsibility


As developers, we are capable of many amazing feats. We can create experiences that touch the lives of millions, brings aid to the corners of the world, empowers new businesses and bring a voice to the voiceless. However with this capability, we must also take on the responsibility for the people, and data, we interact with.

During this session, we’ll discuss how a culture of security can benefit not only your organization but protect your clients and end-users. We’ll look at best practices for secure coding practices, how to manage sensitive data from clients and users, compliance with various regulations and laws around privacy, and how to manage distributed teams while keeping your site secure.
 We’ll look not only at modules to secure Drupal but also tools, such as encrypted chat and file sharing, your team can use to keep all aspects of the development process secure. We’ll also discuss real-world scenarios and how to react when they arise.


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