Keynote: The decentralized web and Drupal


The web is broken. With big tech behemoths like Google, Apple, Facebook, and Amazon (GAFA) now controlling the vast majority of our experiences online, our control over our data and privacy — and as a result, our security — has never been more at risk. While regulatory efforts such as GDPR offer promising changes, many web pioneers, including its inventor Sir Tim Berners-Lee, are arguing in favor of a decentralization of the web to restore its original principles of openness. Still immature and in its early stages, the decentralized web maps out a vision that could reinvent the very nature of our online lives and empower us to retake control over our personal data and keep it from the prying hands of corporate influences.

What is the decentralized web, and why have so many been talking about it? What key developments in recent years have offered solutions and possible ways forward? How could Drupal and open source at large stand to benefit from the ongoing work on the decentralized web? 

This keynote will inspect the decentralized web and its potential impact on Drupal from the big picture to the most minuscule of details as we explore both the technical and philosophical implications of these new paradigms. Themes include:

  • The web is broken
  • The centralized web today
  • Defining the decentralized web
  • Blockchain's influences on decentralization
  • Key principles of openness
  • The decentralized web stack
  • User experience on the decentralized web
  • Effects on businesses and governments
  • The decentralized web and Drupal
  • Epilogue: Decentralized Drupal