Struggles and opportunities at the beginning of the GDPR era


This will be the time we will talk about with some sentiment to later generations. The one when personal data received the care it deserved.

When GDPR ended the Wild West era of data processing. But before that, we still have some work to do. By the date of the Hackcamp hopefully, all the companies in the Drupal landscape will have their systems and workflows adjusted to the requirements of the GDPR.

However, even recently the harmonization process in several member states is still not complete and we don't have experience in regards to supervisory authorities' interpretation of particular topics. Organizational operation and systems changes can be so fundamental that everything is still not settled. In my presentation, I would like to assess some of the changes we implemented to comply, while still embracing our core attitudes and values being agile, lean and flat in our structure.

I will discuss the main hardnesses and our answer to them in hope that other members of the community can benefit from it.

As the process took quite some energy and effort I'd like to explore how we can use it as an opportunity and take it one step further.


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